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“Man Cave”


Where do you store your ‘Mantiques’?

In an InsulLiving ManCave®… which can be constructed over a weekend with a few mates, and unlike some things in life will ALWAYS be there for you. Just add all the essential items, footy jersey on the wall above the multi-function fridge, that faces the pool table, which has just enough space to get to the lounge, which happens to be within steak chucking distance of the BBQ.

Remember being called in by your parents as a kid when the street lights came on?

With the InsulLiving Man® Cave your missus will holler for hours and with your newly acquired ‘Man Cave hearing’ you won’t hear a thing!

Jimmy says get your excuses ready!

  1. You’re basically ‘at home’ if needed.
  2. Being based in the backyard is great for security as you can keep an eye on the rear flank!
  3. Contrary to popular belief blokes DO have Foxtel hooked to the Man Cave!
  4. You could bathe in the pool to save water.
  5. Just look at it as a big, fancy, dog kennel!
  6. You can crank that dial to 10 on the guitar Amp and not upset anyone!

Actual benefits…

  1. No fighting for the remote control.
  2. No more period dramas on TV.
  3. Pizza for breakfast.
  4. Sleep where you drop.
  5. See it more as a community watch service.
  6. Peace and quiet.

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