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The insulLiving® system is the most adaptable building system on the planet, with a number of diverse applications that can be tailored to almost any building project.

The InsulLiving® system is best known for its applications in single storey houses and its ability to deliver thermal efficiency and energy savings. However recent innovations in engineering has allowed InsulLiving's structural application to extend to two storey designs, which deliver the same design freedom and thermal benefits as a single storey InsulLiving® home.

Walk-through an InsulLiving® Home

InsulLiving®'s Unique Benefits


Bondor’s InsulLiving® system provides continuous insulation, which does not compress, absorb moisture, rot or settle; providing superior insulation for the life of the building. The insulation qualities of InsulLiving® have been CodeMark certified, which means it's easier for new homes to obtain the minimum 6 Energy Star Rating imposed by the Australian Government.


The InsulLiving® system is leading the way in professionalism, construction, innovation and technology in residential housing in Australia. InsulLiving's® Burpengary home has won Bondor various awards from the HIA and BDAQ (Building Designers Australia- Queensland).


Unlike a traditional home, for additional comfort at no extra cost, all external and internal walls contain built-in, high performing insulation. Due to the minimal heating and cooling required, living in an InsulLiving® home could save your family hundreds.


InsulLiving® allows for spacious 'open plan' living both horizontally and vertically whilst still thermally outperforming traditional frame and brick built construction.


The InsulWall® and SolarSpan® panels create a full barrier to protect your family, and can even be used in cyclonic regions. Furthermore, the panels are lightweight and ideal for sloping or difficult to access blocks, giving you flexible land options whilst still offering a strong, durable system.


InsulWall® is teenager proof with impact resistant steel protecting your investment. Plus the entire system is low maintenance, with a Colorbond® steel pre-painted roof & ceiling finish.


SolarSpan® and InsulWall® deflect the heat or cold from the outside, which creates an interlocking insulated barrier to protect you and your family from harsh weather conditions.


The InsulLiving® system will protect you and your family from natures little hidden nasties. The system contains no wood, meaning there's no chance of structural damage due to termites, plus EPS core is vermin treated, minimising the risk of a pest problem within the walls.


As the InsulLiving® system is fully engineered and has been rigorously tested; certification and approvals are made easy with the Codemark certification, meaning you can be confident in a proven system.






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