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What is CodeMark?

CodeMark™ is a building product certification scheme whereby a Building Code of Australia (BCA) approved third-party reviews products and systems, to ensure they meet specific requirements of the Australian Building Code. Legislation requires building certifiers, designers, architects, builders and others to accept CodeMark certified products as compliant with BCA regulations.

What Does This Mean?

As with most new and innovative building products, Bondor’s InsulLiving® system is not included in the 'deemed to satisfy' sections of the Australian Building Code. To ensure the building approval process is quick and painless, Bondor has had the InsulLiving® system accredited under the CodeMark accreditation scheme.

CodeMark approval provides everyone involved in the building process with peace of mind that the building product has undergone relevant testing and is an appropriate construction method for the intended application. CodeMark approval provides peace of mind that what you are purchasing has had a comprehensive review and the supplier’s quality is assured.

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